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Are you green
Welcome you to join “decent ” green trip!

Shanghai Newest Luggage Co.,Ltd is "Vice Chairman of China Chamber of Commerce for for I/E of Light Industrial Products & Arts-Crafts" and "President of China Chamber of Commerce for for I/E of Bags & Suitcases", who is the professional manufacturer for LIGHTEST Soft Suitcase and Haed Suitcase in China.

Our annual production output is 2.0 million pcs of all kinds of bags and trolley cases, patented AIR series light weight luggage which accounted for 55% or more, and more than 30% per year growth rate. Human behavior and more to improve their own rules, the earth becomes more and more green. Prais to Frankfurt trip (500KM),you will produce 103KG of CO2 emission for this one-way trip, if you use “decent" patented lightest luggage to boarding, you can save 20% CO2 emission.

Welcome to join in our saving resources & protecting the Environment team. After using "decent” AIR series light weight luggage, You have the resources to save the world:


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