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Decent competitiveness
Welcome you to join “decent ” green trip!

Our advantages (strength, technological innovation, quality control)

Zero-release Series product is the lightest luggage in the world, the soft suitcase weight is only 1.35KG and the hard suitcase weight is only 1.80KG which is developed and produced by Shanghai Newest.We take the carbon fiber which light, strong and well restore to be the whole frame of the luggage that exceed the quality standard of the average,at the meanwhile, it can offer more packing capacities than others in the same situations. Zero-release Series is not only save the recourses and reduce the pollution,but also provided the most pleasant trip for the consumers.

According to the principle of tent, we designed the Panyun Series Luggage with innovative structure. Panyun Series use the 360 spinner wheel system to ensure the weight 50% lighter than other upright, it's more convenient for the consumers. The bottom of the luggage is used one-off molded technology make it firmly and durably.

We had already got the certificate from Costco and Wal-Mart of United States, Metro of Germany, and other world-class chain stores, department stores and the factory system&rsquo;s certification.



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